Save time creating visuals for your brand!

With Seelab, create dozens of photos, illustrations, and vector images in just a few clicks, fully aligned with your branding.

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The AI that respects your branding

Seelab is more than just an AI visual creation tool.
Our algorithm understands and respects your branding to create visuals that match your company's image.
"Seelab is a surprisingly effective generative AI that I use as a creative assistant. It quickly creates illustrative and creative elements in line with our brand guidelines!"

Charlotte G.

Communication Manager at Tibco
"Thanks to Seelab, we could easily switch between ideas and images, adapting projects to different formats. The marketing team gained creativity and agility."

Marie M.

Brand Manager at Renault
"Seelab allowed my designer to save 25% of his time on the conceptualization phase by generating branded images in seconds. An indispensable partner!"

Guillaume R.

Marketing Director at Liligo
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Generate visuals in a few clicks

1. Set up your style

Import a dozen images that follow your brand guidelines and let Seelab do the work. In a few minutes, you'll be ready to create beautiful visuals in your company's style!

Don't have your own graphic style? No problem. Seelab offers dozens of pre-configured styles.

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2. Create photos, illustrations, and vector images with a simple phrase

Enter 'designer at their desk' or 'man working on a computer,' and Seelab instantly converts your ideas into striking visuals.

Creating stunning images has never been this easy!

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3. Take control

Easily and quickly edit the generated images using our integrated editor. No need to master software, a few words are enough.

Want to take over? Export your creations as separate layers and edit them with your favorite tools.

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Save time for creatives and marketing

Seelab's unique features help you save a lot of time and produce branded content in seconds.

Share your projects

A collaborative interface designed to share your new ideas easily.

Customize your creations

An AI capable of creating content tailored to your brand while respecting your style.

Simplify your exports

Social media, flyers, email, print – use your creation on any type of support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of visuals can I create?

With Seelab, you can create all types of images. From photorealistic pictures to vector-style illustrations, the only limit is your imagination! Seelab offers dozens of pre-configured styles, and you can create your own AI model based on visuals from your brand's graphic charter.

Where is my data hosted? is a French solution, and all our data is hosted within the European Union, in France and Ireland.

Do I own the creations?

Absolutely! By creating a model from images you have rights to, all the visuals you create will fully belong to you, unlike other AI image generation services.

Are my images used by Seelab?

Data privacy is one of our top priorities. The models created by Seelab are completely private, and Seelab will never use your images to train public models.